About MazeHub

At MazeHub it is our goal to deliver a high quality gaming experience which spans across platforms to reach you. We strongly believe in your own creative abilities and the social networking experience. Therefore we have created a site where you can create your own games and share them with your friends.

Meet the Team

Adam Jeffries

Code - Adam is responsible for all the coding associated with MazeHub, which includes designing a JavaScript Framework (JFork), writing the MazeHub Framework, the MazeHub games, as well as the site. He is now looking forward to developing MazeHub for mobile!

Chad Dodson

Graphics - Chad has designed all of the graphics for MazeHub from the ground up. This includes the sites look and feel, maze styles, soundtrack covers, game pieces, and the player. He is excited to be continuing to develop new styles and games.

Jeff Easton

Sound - Jeff wrote most of the "8-bit" repeating Soundtracks for MazeHub which include such instant classics as "Zombie Cowboy". Also he mixed most of the sound effects for the individual game types and player.